Christian Men “Uping Our Game” in the Courage, Identity and Power of the Lord Jesus!

Our Men’s conference this year here at Faith Assembly Redding was a powerful connection with local men. Pastor Paul Tilley, Dave Silva and Ken Bobler provided encouraging words and scriptures for our walk as warriors of faith.

Session 1

John Bergen opened with an amazing Prophetic Sonnet setting the stage for our Men of Valor!


Standing In The Midst of Warriors – by John Bergen
(Delivered 9-6-2019)

I exhort you to listen my brethren.
Valiant soldiers of our King.
Within my heart resounds a battle cry and we shall soon hear the Trumpet sing.
I plead with you as a son of God.
Stand strong and dare not fall.
For the King requests our presence at the greatest battle of them all.
So arise ye sons of Zion, knights of Jehovah’s crown.
Awake from your sleeping and slumber for our foe is bearing down.
We have neglected the mighty fortress that burns inside our soul.
It is a force we must no longer contain but simply release it’s full control.
Can you remember when the odds looked poor? Yet we would storm the gates of hell.
And upon returning to our homelands safe we would ring the Victory bell.
There are countless souls who have yet to march.
Who know nothing but fear and defeat.
For they have yet to grasp the eternal sword and feel it’s fervent heat.
Ahh..but He is training an army of Warriors who for their glorious Master will shine.
And when the legions of Hades shall gather Jesus will stretch forth the battle line.
We are Giants in His watchful eyes!
He bids us “Come boldly unto the Throne”.
Let us all stand united; the Army of God, for we cannot fight this battle alone.
Where have you placed your Holy Armor?
Forged by our great and sovereign Lord.
And your Shield of Faith and Courage.
Is it leaning there next to your Sword?
Take unto you the whole Armor of God and grasp His Eternal Sword in your hand.
And when His Spirit has caused you to overcome all in His power and in His might,
Bravely stand!


10 Characteristics of A Man of Valor

10. James 5:16 – Admits Faults
9. Matthew 24:45-46 – Faithful to Commitments
8. 2 Timothy 2:3 – Perseveres in Difficult Tasks – Does not seek Affirmation.
7. John 5:13 – Loyal to friends even at cost.
6. Ephesians 6:20 – Bold when needed while exercising Restraint and Discretion.
5. Matthew 26:41 – Not a lone ranger. Needs and Serves others.
4. 1 Corinthians 2:3-4 – An Overcomer. Does not walk in Fear.
3. 2 Thessalonians 3:13 – Inspite of opposition continues to do Good.
2. Luke 9:23 – Exercises self control, discipline and integrity.
1. John 15:5 – A Man of Valor lives a life of Prayer, Abiding in Christ and indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

Session 2


Session 3

Prophetic Word given by John Bergen
Interpretation – Dave Silva

“Yes it is time my appointed Warriors
To Stand in Battle array.
For I have equipped you to defeat an Enemy.
Look not at the Giants across the valley.
For he is a defeated enemy.
For those who Stand in Me will surely see the Victory!”
Says the Lord.



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