Positioned to Listen, Hear and Stay in the Anointing of The Spirit of God …To A Heart Like His!

A strong Prophetic Word from Wilma set the tone as the Spirit of the Lord moved among the ladies.


“I am perfecting my Army of women. Women have always been in my plan. Did not satan destroy Eve, because he knew I had a plan for the women of this world?

Have I not used Deborah?
Have I not used Esther?
Have I not used Miriam?

Read your Word! Have I not used women throughout all my time upon this earth? I am perfecting you for this day. I am raising you up. I am perfecting you and fine tuning you so that you will be the Army that goes through this world in the love of a mother.

And I will use all of you.”

Donna Capps



Lola Tilley


Janelle Koza



2019 Women’s Conference Photo Gallery

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