Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers of Oregon International June 8-10, 2022Convention

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Wednesday June 12, 2019

Janelle Koza – “It’s Still Your Circus and They’re Still Your Monkeys

janelle-koza-2  janelle-koza-1  janelle-koza-3

Leon Willis – “Window of Opportunity”

leon-willis-1  leon-willis-2  leon-willis-3

Mark Peters – “Go After It”

mark-peters-1  mark-peters-2  mark-peters-3

Thursday June 13, 2019

John Sutton – “I Have Apprehended”

john-sutton-1  john-sutton-2  john-sutton-3

Bob Harrison – “For Such A Time As This”

bob-harrison-1  bob-harrison-2

Herman Holland – “Occupy and Advance”

herman-holland-1  herman-holland-2  herman-holland-3

Friday June 14, 2019

Terry Goodwin – “Put Your Foot In That Door”

terry-goodwin-2  terry-goodwin-1  terry-goodwin-3

Paul Tilley – “God Is Opening New Windows Of Opportunity”

paul-tilley-2  paul-tilley-1  paul-tilley-3

Herman Holland – “Seeking A Supernatural Breakthrough”

herman-holland-4  herman-holland-5  herman-holland-6

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