The Rewards of Hope in Perilous Times – Part 3

Hope in things that surround me, can bring distractions Hope in people wanting to control me, can bring disappointments Hope in myself, can bring devastation Hope in Christ, can bring deliverance Part I A Definition of Hope from society It is a wishy washy maybe or a kind of unsure optimism. A Definition of Hope […]

Change in Crisis and Trust in God

A few years go my wife and I were on a ski trip at Mt. Shasta. We were enjoying the beauty of a sunny day skiing down various runs. In the early afternoon we were skiing down the face of the mountain when she stopped right next to me and just fell over. We were […]

Facing the Wind of Purpose and Vision in the Storm

In Acts 27, there was a voyage that encountered various types of winds. The story reminds me of the year 2020 so far. Vs 1 And when it was determined that we should sail… Vs 2 …We launched Vs 4…the winds were contrary Vs 14…A tempestuous head wind Vs 15…So when the ship was caught, and […]

The Wind of Prayer in Battle

We have kept this congregation updated on virus wars among the saints. You have dropped everything and called out to God as a united body of believers. God hears. God sees. God helps. Have you ever watched the weather people reporting the weather standing outside in a hurricane? They hold on to a microphone, bracing […]