Memorial Day – 2020 – Fragile Freedoms

Following is an excerpt of what Our President posted concerning Memorial Day 2020. “Since the first shots fired in the Revolutionary War, Americans have answered the call to duty and given their lives in service to our Nation and its sacred founding ideals. As we pay tribute to the lives and legacies of these patriots […]

Essential vs. Non-Essential in the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are watching an event unfold in front of our eyes like I could have never imagined. A fight over what is essential and what is not essential. A fight over who is essential and who is not essential. There are many who are suspicious. The outcome of this pandemic is being overshadowed by intimidation, […]

Hope – A Strong and Confident Expectation that God is True – Part 1

HOPE Part I  by Pastor Paul Tilley – Sunday May 3, 2020 Hope in things that surround me, can bring distractions Hope in people wanting to control me, can bring disappointments Hope in myself, can bring devastation Hope in Christ, can bring deliverance I have found myself singing this song often this week: All my […]

The Lord, His Church and the Power of Fellowship

“If we see it, we can defeat it. In time the battle will be finished, and the Lord will not only prevail, but the church will enter a new phase of fellowship and power. We will have a breakthrough and our vision for 2020 will not be dimmed, but rather intensified and turbo charged.” A […]

Facing the Wind of Purpose and Vision in the Storm

In Acts 27, there was a voyage that encountered various types of winds. The story reminds me of the year 2020 so far. Vs 1 And when it was determined that we should sail… Vs 2 …We launched Vs 4…the winds were contrary Vs 14…A tempestuous head wind Vs 15…So when the ship was caught, and […]

Easter – We Serve A Risen Savior!

The resurrection would never be celebrated if it were not for the Old Rugged Cross. The place Jesus suffered and died for our sins, so a pathway to relationship with God might be completed. Isaiah 53:5-6 5 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was […]

The Wind of Prayer in Battle

We have kept this congregation updated on virus wars among the saints. You have dropped everything and called out to God as a united body of believers. God hears. God sees. God helps. Have you ever watched the weather people reporting the weather standing outside in a hurricane? They hold on to a microphone, bracing […]

Communion on Good Friday with our Church Family

update:   Earlier today I sent out a snippet regarding Communion. If it was possible for your family to target 7:00 pm as time to take communion together on Friday, we could as a church family participate at the same time, even though we are apart. If 7:00 pm does not work for your family, I […]

Love and Sacrifice During Trying Times by Paul Tilley

A Message on Love Snippets from Pastor Paul A young man was walking along the ocean and sees a beach on which thousands of starfish had washed ashore. Further along the beach he sees an old man, walking slowly and stooping often, picking up one starfish after another and tossing each one gently back into […]