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Welcome to http://www.faithassemblyredding.org and thanks for stopping by. We hope you’ll find this site helpful! Faith Assembly started back in 1967 with just a hand full of people. A lot has changed over the past almost fifty years but many of the same values and principles that have built Faith Assembly are still in place and continue to guide our church.We believe church ought to be a relevant and exciting place where you can meet with God and get involved in his purpose.We believe you should be able to find a place of discovery, a place where you can experience God’s presence. We are a church family and we love coming together.

We trust that on the pages of this site you’ll find answers to the questions you might have about God, life and church  We’ve sought to make this site easy to navigate and hope that you’ll learn more about God and Faith Assembly.

If you’ve never visited Faith Assembly, we hope you’ll take some time to visit one of our weekend services. If you have any questions or have trouble finding anything on our site please contact us.

What to Expect

At Faith Assembly you’ll enjoy inspirational worship, prayer and a practical, down-to-earth message that will relate to your everyday life. You will leave feeling different from when you came in. Church really ought to be fun and life-changing – and the beautiful thing about Jesus is that He never leaves us the same. Having spent time in the presence of the Lord, you will feel different.

Have Children?

We know that whether you have infants or older children you need a safe place for them to learn. We also know that your kids want to have lots of fun. You’ll find that our nurseries and children’s classrooms are a safe and fun place for them to learn. Our children’s pastors and the hundreds of volunteers who work in our Children’s Ministry are committed to providing a safe and fun place for your kids.

How Do I Get There?

We are located at 8595 Airport Road, Redding CA

Click the map below for directions

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