International Assemblies of God International
Faith Assembly is affiliated with the Independent Assemblies of God International based in Laguna Hills, California. Reverend Phillip A. Rassmussen is the General Overseer.

The following is some information regarding Independent Assemblies

The Independent Assemblies of God was birthed in the year 1918 as the Scandinavian Assemblies of God in the United States of America, Canada, and Foreign Lands. It existed under this name from 1918 until 1935.

In 1935 at an annual convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Scandinavian Assemblies of God merged with a group called the Independent Pentecostal churches. The name of this new fellowship was, and to this day remains, the Independent Assemblies of God International.
The unique nature of the Independent Assemblies of God International is its conviction of the sovereignty of the local church. We are eager for the Mighty Holy Spirit to have an instrument, which is flexible in the “hands of our Lord” during this critical time of history. We envision a continued outpouring of the Spirit of God, breathing life and resurrection into His own body. It is imperative that the ministers and churches are able to follow through on the mandate given by God without interference from an ecclesiastical hierarchy. For this we have been born!
Ecclesiastical Structure:
We do not advocate nor practice central control over our International Assemblies of God International churches.

We recognize autonomy of the local church; however, it is not an island and is expected to serve in unity of fellowship.

We adhere strongly to professional ministerial ethics as relating to ministers and churches.


Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International of Oregon Inc.
We also are affiliated with Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International of Oregon Incorporated with Leon Willis as President.
There were tremendous revivals during the 40’s and 50’s. Many Full Gospel ministers found themselves at odd with their organizations due to the Deliverance Movement.

T.H. Welch birthed full Gospel Fellowship in 1960 in Dallas, Texas. In 1982 Leon Willis became president.
Harmony of the Church
Endeavoring to get along, in order not to be alone, so that we may fulfill God’s purpose.

Harvest of the Nations
Go and make disciples of all nations, and be witnesses. Help go. Sending people into the harvest field.

Ecclesiastical Structure:
Full Gospel Fellowship is actively engaged in both ministry to the church and to the nations, and this is without ecclesiastical controls or regulations. This goal is being accomplished as God moves upon the hearts of believers to go, let go and help go.

A platform of neutrality on which the churches and ministers can stand, communication link between churches and ministers, opportunity of fellowship that builds and comforts, perimeter of defense against the devil, a vehicle that carries common visions missions and projects, a pool of resources that can be combined to move the mountains confronting churches and ministers.

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